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What we do at Siege

What you are will show in what you do – Thomas A. Edison

Web and Mobile applications

Siege builds next generation Web and Mobile applications that scale to millions of users. We use modern frameworks such as Angular2 and React for web apps. Mobile applications are build natively for iOS and Android.


We consult on Django and Angular applications. Performance improvements scaling and assisting companies to move to micro services. Consulting includes system design and specification as well as wire framing and prototyping.

Internet Of Things

Connecting devices to each other and to the internet. We can also add connection to existing prototypes or connect entire factories and their machines to each other as well as to a custom made centralised management interface in the cloud.

Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Integration of new and existing systems with Artificial intelligence. With Machine Vision we can help create number plate recognition systems, character recognition, face recognition or object type detection.


Applications are endless ranging from sentiment analysis to data processing and decision making.


We leverage the advancements made in the Deep Learning field and can have on premise systems or deploy to the cloud with IBM, AWS, Azure, or Google’s Machine Learning systems.

Robotic Process Automation

Imagine having a virtual workforce of software robots working around the clock for you business. Processing application forms, Collating survey data, managing your inventory or anything unique to your business.


We will help you to automate your manual business processes, reducing errors, turnaround times, and Full Time Equivalent paid working hours.


Employees move to more satisfying and challenging roles within the organisation. This increases shareholders value and the business is more in tune with their underlying technologies and systems.

Big Data

We take your data from multiple sources (Usually SQL databases) and process the data into one huge data lake (NoSQL, Key Value Stores, Hadoop, GraphSQL e.t.c). We also help create user interfaces for business users to access the data in their preferred format to help make business decisions quicker.


We can also integrate your data with existing data viewers (e.g Tableau, Cliqview, QuickSight).


helps people transform data into actionable insights. Thus BI projects that are driven primarily by the business community, not by the IT group.

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