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About Us

What makes us Siege

Siege is an organisation of inspired software engineers

We believe that you can make a big impact in the world with well developed software from big ideas

What We Believe

Help People First. We focus on helping people with our unique skillset. You will always be profitable if your solutions impact and help the largest number of people; rather than chasing the bottom line alone.

Love what you do. When you love what you do, it accelerates the creative process. The universe opens up infinite possibilities and solutions for our clients. This brings tremendous fulfilment every day

Everything is possible. When you buy a dictionary rip out the pages with the words can’t and impossible. These are words we just don’t use at Siege. Everything in Engineering is an optimization problem, we always find a way for our clients.

Our Mission

To have our software simplify and improve the lives of as many people in the world as possible.

Our Values

Each Team member at Siege must be;

  1. Positive – have fun, stay positive, listen to others, show empathy, teach and learn from others.
  2. World Class – be the best at your craft through attention to detail and lifelong learning.
  3. Self Starting – take initiative. Bring your ideas to the table and run with them
  4. Radically Transparent – speak your mind and be honest with yourself and others


  1. We all strive to maintain an open culture, in which everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions
  2. No one monitors how much time developers spend on their machines, all we care about is results. Was the code clean, on schedule and tested. Most importantly did it exceed our clients expectations
  3. Developers choose their own working time when they are most creative, Code is art

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