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Why Work at Siege

  • Siege will enable you to do the best work you have ever done in your career
  • After the first 6months have the choice to work from home
  •  Free to use any cutting edge technology or library that can gain our client the competitive advantage
  • New ideas are welcome, the crazier or more impossible the idea; The more likely it is we’ll test it out
  • Attend Conferences e.g PyCon, DjangoCon, ScaleConf etc
  • Work in a high performance environment but with easy going team mates
  • Work on a variety of projects with our clients from all over the world
  • Team lunches and events throughout the year
  • Less meetings more code
  • Relaxed dress code. Come in your shorts and slippers if you like


Front End Engineer


Typically if you have built apps using the latest trending javascript frameworks Angular2, React, Backbone then you are the candidate for this job

What you’ll be doing


– Using all the cutting edge open source technology to create web applications for our clients
– Our core front end stack for most projects currently is nodejs, Angular2, ngrx and firebase for realtime data
– Although we have an established stack currently this always evolves every few months, and you will be requred to experiment with new front end technologies and frameworks
– Our backends are in Django serving RESTful services, You will not be required to know Django however it will be an added advantage
– We also develop mobile (React Native) and desktop applications (Qt) so if this tickles your fancy you can also get involved

Back End Engineer


Typically if you know how bash scripting and how to ssh into a server and set up things like nginx and supervisord you are the right candidate for the role

What you’ll be doing


– Using all the cutting edge open source technology to create web applications for our clients
– know at least one of these languages at an advanced level

  • python
  • C++
  • golang
  • java

– Have extensively built backends for web applications and be familiar with REST and Websocket protocols
– know continuous integration system e.g jenkins


-Django, Flask, CherryPy, Amazon web services

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